• Ang Thong Marine Park

    The Ang Thong National Marinepark located about 20 km west of Koh Samui and consists of 42 small islands. The park was declared to be a national park in 1980 by the king.

    The two northern islands from Ang Thong National Marinepark, Koh Wao and Koh Yippon are approached for diving and snorkeling.

    Here you can dive to a depth of 18 meters you can see small schools of barracuda, fusiliers, snappers and different species of soft corals with her anemone fish.

    This trip is ideal for divers who bring a non diver, since the snorkelers get to see much, they can accompany the divers completely on the water surface, snorkeling.

    On board have breakfast and lunch.
    Soft drinks are free!

    The Ang Thong National Marinepark is suitably for beginners as for experienced divers. Dives in depths from 1 to 18 meters are doable and offers a lot worth seeing.

    Depending on the season the visibility can vary from 2 to 20 meters. There can be slightly current.